Check School Code

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Burlington SchoolsCODE
Assumption Secondaryhass
St. John Elementarysjeh
St. Paul Elementaryspeh
St. Raphael Elementarysreh
St. Patrick Elementaryspth
Ascension Elementaryaceh
Holy Rosary Elementary BURhrbh
Notre Dame Secondaryhnds
St. Gabriel Elementarysgeh
St. Timothy Elementarysteh
St. Mark Elementarysmeh
Corpus Christi Secondaryhccs
St. Anne Elementarysach
Sacred Heart of Jesus Elementaryshjh
St. Christopher Elementarysceh
St. Elizabeth Seton Elementarysesh
Milton SchoolsCODE
Bishop Reding Secondaryhbrs
St. Anthony of Padua Elementarysaph
St. Peter Elementarypeth
Holy Rosary Elementary MILTONhrmh
Our Lady of Victory Elementaryolvh
St. Francis Xavier Secondaryhsfx(Formally Jean Vanier hjvs)
Guardian Angels Elementarygaeh
Lumen Christi Elementarylceh
Queen of Heaven Elementaryqheh
St. Scholastica Elementarysseh
St. Benedict Elementarysbeh
Christ the King Secondaryhctk
Oakville SchoolsCODE
St. Ignatius of Loyola Secondaryhsil
St. Bernadette Elementarysbth
St. Gregory the Great Elementarysggh
St. Mary Elementarysmrh
St. Joan of Arc Elementarysjah
St. Thomas Aquinas Secondaryhsta
St. Dominic Elementarysdeh
St. Matthew Elementarysmth
St. Vincent Elementarysveh
St. Nicholas Elementarysnih
Holy Family Elementaryhfeh
Holy Trinity Secondaryhhts
St. Michael Elementarysmih
Our Lady of Peace Elementaryolph